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Totally down with more of this.

Wow. This episode was not what I thought it was going ti be. But then again, none of Firth's creation are. However, this episode seemed to have a different tone than the other episodes did. May just be me. I just know this is my favorite episode yet.
Another hit, David.
Stay beautiful.

Lolz for making me smile.

WooleyWorld responds:

Nothing like a hardy half-mouth smile from a kinda-funny webtoon. :p

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I may have only thrown 300 words into the mix, but I can't express how honored I am to have been apart of this collab. Newgrounds has always been a place I've loved to tromped around, even long before I created my account, so it just gives me the god damn tingles to see so many amazing creators of all fields coming together to make something so fucking amazing. From the games and the movie to the music and story, everything is just topnotch.

So, here's to twenty years of Newgrounds and everyone who has been along for this fucked up ride!

Kind of wished it was longer.
You did a really a good job with this, it wasn't too hard and it wasn't too easy. But it was hilarious.

This was actually a really enjoyable game. I loved how all of the effects and beer placements were random. That helped keep fresh for quite a bit. Hope to see more games soon.


esayitch responds:

I hope so too, if I get the time to make them :)

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Awesome work man! All I have ever heard is your punk music, and I think this shows how talented you are and that you are just a great all around musician.

I love the beat. Reminds me a little of some hip hop songs I listened to when I was younger.

sumidiotdude responds:

Thanks buddy, glad to see some nostalgia kicked in.

This was ok. You have a lot of potential, and it seems like you just need some more experience. I actually thought the girls voice in this was pretty tight. It reminded me of a song from long ago that made me appreciate this more. Good luck with future work bro!

sumidiotdude responds:

Thanks dude, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Love how dynamic this feels. So much sense of movement from a single frame

I'm fine with this

A booty to cure world hunger. Very cute. I love your use of blue :)

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